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Cycling is about people. It’s about you. Your experiences are the best ever and your trips are absolutely marvellous. It is you who give us the right feedback and suggest what we should improve and what direction we should take. Looking at your photos and reading your stories is just awesome. And here and there we throw in a message or some new info about a bike test.

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The hidden story from SPEZI

The hidden story from SPEZI

It is a story of friendship. It is a story unusual voluntary help. It is a story of a wonderful cakes we get every year. It is a story of Peter Lenhard.

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We call it the “wriders” section. psssst… of course you can read all of them

James biked Across Kansas and many other US states

James biked Across Kansas and many other US states

James had a TRIcon 26 from us and made several pretty long organised rides on it. He made it across the states of Colorado, Iowa, Florida and Kansas which was his very first ride after he retired in 2018. Here is his experience described.

USA tour by Zdenko Naď – video

USA tour by Zdenko Naď – video

Zdenko is a young Croatian guy who approached us in early 2018 with a simple question. Can you borrow me a trike so I can make a tour over the USA from coast to coast? And we said yes. Here is his video.

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