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When Aleš Zemánek started constructing and assembling his first recumbent bikes in his former boyhood room, he was even then trying to achieve maximum functionality and quality that his resources and available technology offered. On the Czech market, the price was acceptable, and for the entire western world it was, rather than anything else, cheap. We need to remember that Aleš started four years before the Czech Republic joined the European Union and with each shipment abroad there was the hassle with customs documents and other bureaucracy. On the one hand, the low price was an obvious advantage, on the other hand it posed a significant problem, as our bikes were regarded as a cheap brand of recumbents from Eastern Europe. 

Nevertheless, over the years we have proved that the Czech engineering and industrial tradition that gave the world brands such as Tatra, Škoda, Česká zbrojovka, Jawa or Baťa has carried on through to the next generation and that the skill and the feel for high quality manufacturing has also been reflected in a small company in Uherský Brod, called AZUB. Gradually, the properties of our bikes improved dramatically. At the end of 2015, after fifteen years of hard work, our AZUB TRIcon 26 model was awarded the prestigious prize, the “Trike of the year” by the website Bentrider.bike (formerly Bentrideronline.com). It was the best gift ever for our fifteenth birthday which has definitely ranked us among the elite of recumbent manufacturers.

Quo vadis, recumbent?

At one time or another, each manufacturer of recumbents must ask himself this question. Over the past decade, the world of reclining bikes has turned its focus from two-wheel vehicles to three-wheeled devices. And because of this, they have become much more popular. Soon tricycles began sporting rear suspension, then they received folding mechanisms, and later still came 26” rear wheels and front suspension. What next? Trikes with all three wheels in 26”? Or the so called delta trikes with two wheels in the front or with two wheels in the back? Quadbikes? What about the practical electric velomobiles? And two-wheel bicycles, what about them? Will they really become a thing of the past? Here in AZUB we hope not, because we all see that they do have their place and hope that as much as recumbent riders were excited about the new trike trend, the situation will turn once again. So people who like trikes will fancy trying out recumbents and find that they too have their obvious uses and advantages.

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