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$ 4,999 / € 4,399

Perfect for the road

When you ride this trike for the first time, it will pleasantly surprise you straightaway in how easy it is to handle and how stable the cornering is. And it does not matter whether you are going slowly or quickly. Steering is spot on and gives you a feeling of security. The F2F-U folding system, that is Fold to Flat Ultra, will completely blow you away. Even back in 2010 when we introduced AZUB ECO, our first three-wheeler, we were already working on a second one which was meant to become the top of the tricycle scene – the TRIcon 20. We knew that we wanted to have a trike that would offer excellent riding properties, a stiff frame with a comfortable seat, which would not only be foldable in half but a trike which when folded, would fit in a small bag so that it would be easy to fly with even across the continents. Basically, we wanted to develop a tricycle that we ourselves would enjoy travelling with. And we wanted to be absolutely happy with it.

Finely tuned to the smallest detail

At the heart of our successful mission called TRIcon 20 is not just the superb steering found on all AZUB tricycles. The secret lies especially in the rear fork. Because it is as short as it can be, it is also extremely stiff. This significantly improves the cycling feel especially when cornering, and it also reduces the turning circle. What is more, its ingenious design allows it to be folded below the frame, thus dramatically reducing the overall dimensions of the folded trike. Transporting the TRIcon in a car, bus or plane is therefore much easier.
But of course, that is not all. The TRIcon 20 can be characterized by its overall robust construction and finely tuned design. During the development stage, we also placed great emphasis on ensuring the trike had very good power transmission. We therefore took our time with the precise positioning and size of the pulley. Similarly, the position of the shock and its integration into the frame were crucial to achieving our goal. The result of our work is a minimal pogo effect would otherwise cause you to lose power while compressing the shock. Even we ourselves were a bit surprised to see how exceptionally well the TRIcon 20 behaves.

Stiff frame, comfortable ride

Many might think that a stiff frame, a wide main frame tube and a very short rear fork will render this tricycle to be fairly uncomfortable. Do not fear, we are well aware of the fact that above all, tricycles must be comfortable. So that is why in the TRIcon 20, we opted for a genuine rear suspension using a conventional bicycle shock, as standard available in a spring/oil combination, though the fully adjustable air version is available as an optional accessory. Nevertheless, whichever shock you choose, you will experience such a comfortable ride that you can never experience on any traditional upright bikes. Your back will love you!

20 or 26?

To decide which size of a wheel to use on a trike is not exactly easy. That is unless you have fallen in love at first sight with one or the other because of their appearance. A tricycle with a 20” rear wheel is generally smaller, especially when folded. Due to the smaller size it is also livelier and has a smaller turning circle. In addition, compared to the 26” version, the rack is positioned lower and when loaded, this further enhances the riding properties. A 20” wheel is also much sturdier and copes much better with high lateral load when cornering, as well as with a heavier rider and any possible luggage. Moreover, a 20” wheel also has less inertia, so it accelerates faster and pedalling uphill is easier due to its lower weight. However, it should be noted that for an ordinary rider, the differences in acceleration and overall speed are negligible and he or she won’t really notice them. Overall, the 20 TRIcon is also significantly lighter than its 26” brother.


Smooth adjustment of the seat

Ever since we started back in 2000, we have always thought that a bike should adapt to the rider and not the other way round. That’s why we used an adjustable seat for our first bike, in which both the angle and the pedal distance were adjustable. With each further development stage, we introduced a more accurate adjustment, until 2013, when we reached a stage of adjusting without positions. This concept is based on a sliding sleeve, which we produce in a straight version for our tricycles and some bicycles, as well as in a curved version for recumbents.

F2F U - Fold to flat ultra

In addition to folding the front part, you can also rotate the rear fork which is designed to fit neatly just below the rear of the frame. This will turn the tricycle into an incredibly small package which you can easily fit into the boot of a small car or into our carry case should you wish to take the trike for example on a plane. And the whole manoeuvre will take you no more than 5 minutes without the need for any tools.

Folding mechanism

In 2015, we introduced a new folding mechanism we are really proud of. We wanted to create a folding tricycle that would be adequately stiff and whose folding mechanism would be smooth and easy to operate. The feedback from hundreds of AZUB riders has confirmed that we have definitely accomplished what we had planned.

Folding handlebars

It took us hours and hours of thinking and discussions before we thought up and then designed probably the most sophisticated folding handlebars in the world of recumbent tricycles. We would rather not mention the number of prototypes we have made...


Overall width

83.5 cm / 32.9“ 

Overall height

min. 73 cm / 28.7“ 

Overall length

185 – 210 cm / 72.8 – 82.8“


77 cm / 30.3“ 


117 cm / 46.1“ 

Ground clearance

11 cm / 4.3“ (1.5“ tyres) 

Bottom seat height

27 – 30 cm / 10.6 – 11.8“

Seat adjustment range

length 11 cm / 4.3“
40 – 55°

Bottom bracket height

39 – 44 cm / 15.4 – 17.3“ 

Max load

125 kg / 275 lbs
(Rider + cargo)

Max tyre width

60 mm / 2.35“ 

Rider height

150 – 205 cm / 4‘ 11“ – 6‘ 9“
(optionally shorter or taller)

Half folded

83.5 x 126.5 x 49 cm / 32.8 x 49.8 x 19.3“

Extreme folding

65 x 79 x 34 cm / 25.6 x 31.1 x 13.4“
(only frame itself)


“This is AZUB’s top of the line three wheeler and it has blown people away with it’s easy fold, super stiff chassis and superb handling. I’ve heard at least three recumbent dealers and/or dealer employees call it “the best handing trike I’ve ever ridden.”

Bryan J. Ball / Bentrideronline


It does not matter whether your biggest wish is a bike in Ferrari red or a sky blue one, whether you dream at night of an aggressive looking number or a sporty specimen, of a sophisticated stylish model or of pure comfort. Neither does it matter whether you are planning short, relaxing trips or long expeditions which might take several months. We can help you fulfil an incredible number of wishes. And regardless of whether we will be configuring and building you a bike in the very basic version or one with all the cutting-edge elements, you can rest assured we will take the same care. For us, the aim is simply to see a happy person with a smile on his or her face every time they get on their bike.


For years, we have tried not to restrict our cyclist customers in the selection of components they can have on their bicycles. After all, there are so many different people with so many different tastes and needs. Plus, the world of cycling is bursting with interesting solutions. Therefore, we can offer you both a traditional shifter with a triple crankset as well as the unique Pinion gearbox, or the Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic shifting. Likewise, you may want to ride on tarmac roads with tyres as thin as a sheet of paper or you might just prefer the comfort of wide balloon tyres. That is why we have such a wide range of components. Nevertheless, if you happen not to find what you need, do not despair. Feel free to contact one of our dealers or us directly. We will be happy to help you find the right combination of components.


As well as our wide range of components, we also offer an extensive list of accessories you can mount on your bike. Well, you cannot be expected to be happy with the same rack and the same lights when commuting to work and when cycling in rough terrain. And because we enjoy both commuting to work and revelling in rough terrain, as well as riding across the continent, we do have an idea of what might come in handy. Moreover, we listen to our customers and we listen very carefully. So it is often you, who come up with a great idea. You try it out and then we will start producing it again, for you.

Bikes for everyone

Not everyone on this planet is lucky enough to be healthy, fully mobile and able to set off wherever they want at the drop off a hat. Helping people with a variety of physical health problems or even psychological problems gives our business a completely different dimension. And because cycling is often one of the few ways such people can enjoy outdoor exercise, we are always overjoyed when we manage to build a bike for someone who really needs it. In our offer you will therefore find features such as brakes and shifting mounted only one side, the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting that requires very little force to control, or a rarity such as push brakes. Please, take a look at all the solutions we are able to offer and build for you and let us know if you require something else entirely, we will try to build a bike even for you. The thing is, we want to build bikes for everyone!

Made in the Czech Republic

We are very proud to be personally acquainted with the person who welds our frames, to know who then paints them and who operates the laser with which all the necessary holes are burned into the tubes. We are equally pleased with the fact that we employ our neighbours and friends and that most of them have been working for us for many years now. Apart from some ordinary components such as derailleurs or tyres, our bikes are made in the Czech Republic with some components sourced from nearby Slovakia. This allows us to respond to our customers’ demands rapidly and also to produce small number orders of just several models a year. These bikes could not be created in Asia, where volumes are everything, at all. Meet the people who make the wheels turn in AZUB.


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We can’t remember when a bike left AZUB without any accessories. And we assume that you too will want to upgrade your bike at least a little and adapt it to your needs.

You can find an overview of all accessories for the TRIcon 20 in the configurator.


Mighty little TRIcon

Mighty little TRIcon

Some of the bikes one would call “little rascal”. Just like this custom colored TRIcon 20 with the Shimano Steps E6100 motor. It doesn’t have much options or accessories, but you quickly get a feeling, that it will be a pure joy to ride them.

2018-Five months touring Europe

2018-Five months touring Europe

I was born with emphysema. As with many genetically inherited diseases, I did not know about my condition until breathing became so difficult while hiking and riding, I then knew something was wrong. By the time I received treatment, I had lost 30% of my lung tissue....

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