Even if he wouldn’t say so himself, many of you will think so. Nicola Chiacchio chooses destinations for his multi-month expeditions that are at least questionably safe. In any case, it is beyond what most of us would be willing to accept. But for this Italian, it’s all about the countries en route to his destinations. A few years ago it was about crossing the Sahara desert, today Nicola wants to reach Australia and cross it through the wild outback from east to west. This is, of course, unlike the vast majority of adventurers who go north to south or circle Australia.

Which trike and which trailer did he choose for this expedition? What equipment is he carrying? And where will his journey take him? Find out in the following video, in which Nicola also shows you the details of the trike and gives you a glimpse inside his suspension trailer.

PSSSSST: We know what he is using. Mainly the AZUB FAT trike and an Aidoo trailer too 🙂

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