how to order AZUB recumbent - from the dealer

How to order an AZUB recumbent

The vast majority of our bikes are custom-built exactly according to the requirements of their future owners. The whole process of ordering may be a bit lengthy for some, but it’s a lot of fun! Hey, there is probably nothing more delightful awaiting you in the next few days… 

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Visit our dealer

azub dealers of recumbent trikes and bikes

The easiest and best first step we recommend is to visit one of our experienced recumbent dealers. They will listen to your needs, advise you on choosing the right model and recommend suitable components and necessary accessories. In the future, they will take care of the maintenance of your bike or any service.

Play and dream

configurator of AZUB recumbent bicycles and trikes

Choosing a bike can be fun; you might even dream about your new bike at night. You can order an AZUB recumbent in three levels of builds. We have both bikes and trikes in best-selling colors and configurations that we call CORE-level builds. The second step is our ADVANCED level, in which you can configure your future cycle according to your wishes, and we will build it from the components and colors that we have in stock. And then there is the EPIC level, in which your most profound dreams will become a reality. For this, you will need to get in touch with your dealer or directly with us. Read more about these three levels of builds.

Did you choose a stock bike?

AZUB range of stock trikes andrecumbent bicycles

If you have selected any of the CORE-level bikes, please send your dealer, or possibly us, a link to that bike’s website and a list of accessories you would like. The dealer will then specify the conditions for paying the deposit for the cycle and make arrangements with you to hand over the bike. At the same time, they will recommend other possible bike modifications to suit you best. We ship CORE-level bikes within a few days.

Have you created a configuration and want to order it?

AZUB custom built recumbent tricycles and bicycles

Again, you need to contact one of our recumbent dealers or us directly and send them the number of the configuration you created. The dealer will then specify the conditions for paying the deposit for the bike and make arrangements with you to hand over the bike. At the same time, they will recommend other possible bike modifications to suit you best. Preparing and building an ADVANCED level bike take several weeks, mainly depending on the number of orders and our capacity. You can find the current delivery time on this page. We usually update it once a week. EPIC-level bikes will generally take the same time, but some unique parts may have a longer delivery time. Therefore, the complete bike’s delivery time may also be longer.

We also build frame sets only! 

recumbent trike frame set from AZUB

You may have many reasons to have us build you a frame-only set. Maybe you want to build your recumbent bike with your own hands. Maybe you have a bunch of quality components and would like to use them. Maybe you want to use components that we don’t even offer.

Are you from outside the EU and USA?

In the configurator, you must work with the price level marked as ROW (Rest of the World). It is the price in EUR without VAT. Transport, customs duties, and other fees or taxes must then be added. If our dealer is in your country, the easiest way is to order a bike through them. If there is no recumbent bike dealer near you, contact us directly. We also have special conditions for you.

Want to order additional accessories or spare parts?

spare parts for recumbent trikes and bikes

Although we have a section of the configurator where you can select your chosen products, it works differently than an Internet shop. You can send us a number of your “configuration” or, better to say, an order in this respective case, but we have to add a shipping price and possibly also the duty, taxes, and other fees. Especially outside the EU, the shipping cost can be high, so it is better to find a dealer that can add your spare part to an order of bike from us and later send it to you just within your country. Many have a good stock of our accessories and parts as well.

Enjoy the time!

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And now, all you have to do is wait for us to build and send your desired bike. Therefore, we recommend following our blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, or learning more about recumbents by reading, for example. There is also the AZUB Riders Group on Facebook, where you can meet with other AZUB recumbent owners.

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