Recumbent bikes and especially trikes are a very good option for disabled people. The rider’s body is very comfortable and doesn’t experience excess pressure whilst riding. What is more, trikes don’t need balancing and both trikes and bikes can be easily controlled with only one hand.

Currently we offer several modifications

– Brakes operated by one hand only (all versions include drum brakes, V-brakes, discs) –
– Shifters operated by one hand only (different solutions for different shifters) –
– Shorter or longer frames & shorter or longer cranks –
– Various frame modifications –
Others by request

As our production is based in the Czech Republic, we can meet all your requirements and carry out almost any improvements. Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your wishes.

Need more inspiration?

TRIcon 26 with one-hand control

TRIcon 26 with one-hand control

This TRIcon 26 is equipped with SRAM GX electrnic wireless shifting, parking brake, universal tyres from Continental and is controlled by one hand only.

The FAT with automatic shifting

The FAT with automatic shifting

This Ruby red glitter FAT trike has Shimano EP8 motor paired with Nexus 5E automatic shifting. A very unusual combination which required some adjustments of the frame design.

TRIcon 20 adaptive

Ti-FLY 20 adaptive

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