The AR in the name of our latest trike model with all 26″ wheels stands for “Adventure Ride”, and this piece in light green metallic is really ready for big challenges. Not only does it look great, but the 12 gears hidden in the internal Pinion C1.12 gearbox make it perfect for fast descents on tarmac roads, slow climbs up steep hills, or riding in more challenging conditions like gravel roads.

The Pinion C1.12 comes from a German company and offers 600% of the gear range. And that’s really a lot because the standard set-up with a triple chainring, front derailleur, and nine-speed cassette only provides about 570% of the range. In addition, the rider can shift when the bike is stationary, which is a significant advantage, especially for recumbent newbies who often forget to downshift when approaching an intersection or before any other stop. However, this also applies to hub gears like the Rohloff, Enviolo, or Sturmey Archer, which we also offer.

Other exciting extras on this green beauty are the chain adjuster for automatic adjustment of chain length according to the length of the front boom, grab handles that make it easier to get on and off the trike, and Schwalbe Mondial tires that more than underline the adventurous nature of this bike. The trike also has a rear parking disc brake, rear mudguard, and a Ractime rack that no challenging expedition would be complete without. Finally, it should be mentioned that this trike has all the controls on the left side only.

Check out the gallery of the green AZUB T-Tris AR trike, and also watch a video about Pinion, about its manufacturing process, and the people behind it. You won’t see any recumbent or trike in the video, but you will understand the passion and precision with which this gearbox is developed and manufactured.

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