Some of the bikes we build are absolutely stunning in appearance, others are not so amazing from a visual point of view, but they are all the more interesting technically or with the chosen components. We build very few two-wheel recumbent bikes compared to trikes, and only here and there a version with an electric motor appears in the workshop. However, we built this MAX 26 with above-seat steering for the SPEZI show and subsequently for our customer Mike. He came to us from the USA as part of his European holiday tour and rented this MAX for himself and another electric bike for his wife. They spent five days traveling along the route prepared by our Honza Galla, which included, among other things, not only two famous UNESCO monuments but also a lot of “ordinary” roads, small villages, and beautiful nature around.

As mentioned in the title, this MAX is equipped with a BROSE Smag motor that delivers up to 90Nm of torque, has a standard 630 Wh battery, and is appreciated for its quiet operation. In our case, it also has a nice big color display located directly in front of the rider on the motor body. This is complemented by the Enviolo stepless gearbox, which has a range of 380% and makes a very functional and visually clean pair with the BROSE motor. In fact, you won’t find a cassette with lots of cogs and a derailleur on the rear wheel, just a single sprocket and a small chain tensioner. The advantage of the Enviolo is that there is no worry about excessive wear on the components when shifting, especially when the motor is in action. Standard derailleurs or shift hubs often suffer during shifting as the chain jumps from sprocket to sprocket, which doesn’t happen with the Enviolo. The entire gearing is hidden inside, provided by tilting balls that rotate and transfer traction to the rear wheel. All in total silence and with exceptional durability.

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