Nicola’s spirit of exploration knows no bounds, having ridden 10,000 km (6,213 miles) across Africa on an AZUB FAT trike and an astounding 30,000 km (18,641 miles) on our TRIcon 20 trike. His unwavering enthusiasm and sense of adventure have led him on remarkable journeys, overcoming challenges with great resilience and inspiring us all along the way

Some may know Nicola for his stunning story of toughness. During his African tour with our FAT trike, Nicola’s journey took a harrowing turn when he was kidnapped by Al-Qaeda militants in Mali and spent 20 months in captivity. Despite this ordeal, Nicola emerged with an unbroken spirit, reaffirming his commitment to exploration and peace

AZUB officially supports his round-the-world tour, which manifests his commitment to promoting peace and unity on a global scale. Nicola will be equipped with the finest equipment we can offer, including a custom-built FAT trike and strong fat-tire wheels we built for his trailer. All that equipment is designed to conquer even the most rugged terrains, including the intimidating Gobi Desert.

Nicola has completed crossing first country of this current journey, which was Italy, and is now in France, and if all goes well, we will meet him at the SPEZI show in Lauchringen, Germany

You can follow him on Facebook and YouTube as well.

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