Great fun and maximum comfort

E-bikes rule the world nowadays. We have also succumbed to their temptation. We perceive e-bikes basically as a means for promoting cycling, be it for leisure or to economize on time when commuting in cities. E-bikes don’t just add to the ways you can enjoy your leisure time, they can also bring new qualities to your working days. And that’s amazing about them. 

The concept of “all-embracing comfort”

If you find traditional cycling uncomfortable and perhaps slow as well, an e-bike can certainly help. Anyway, without trying a recumbent e-bike you’ll never find out how incredibly comfortable cycling can get. You get seated in a cozy seat and an electric drive will help you overcome any climbing. Thus you can get further, faster and with less effort. In our view, an e-tricycle stands for the concept of “all-embracing comfort” bringing even more ease for your body and muscles.

Great fun on- and off-road. Silently and with no driving licence needed

Are you a fan of speed? Do you enjoy quad bike or jet ski? Still looking for new dimensions and possibilities of such pastimes? There’s a great new challenge for you – an e-trike! Such machines like our Ti-FLY X or e-FAT will make you an eager rider after the very first pedal stroke. These trikes climb any hill with unprecedented ease. You can reach places restricted for cars or motorbikes on them. And they can be loaded into your car quickly and easily.

Get to work faster

Leave your car at home and set off for your work on a bike. An e-bike will make the commuting time shorter, you can avoid annoying traffic jams, do some good for your health, and be cool moreover. Especially on our e-bikes that all have very genuine and modern aesthetic looks. No need to worry about your load. We have a lot of experience with hauling gear and provisions. We have undergone many long-distance trips on our bikes and we use them for commuting as well.

SHIMANO STEPS E6100 – the right direction

When choosing motors for our recumbent bikes and trikes, we always keep in mind the people who will be riding them. Are they tough mountain bikers who need brute force in any situation and are able to cope with it? No. Are they mostly cyclists who seek the occasional helpful hand and use their bikes for commuting or short outings? No.

Our AZUB cyclists like long trips, sufficient power and bikes that are easily controlled. That is why we have opted for the new Shimano Steps 6100 trekking set which provides not only excellent power of up to 500 W (250 W nominal power) but also a superb torque that will get you up even the biggest hills. At the same time, it is a set that you can combine with the Shimano Nexus Inter 5E automatic gear hub or other component lines. And in addition to all this, we offer as standard a battery with maximum capacity of 504 Wh that will give you 170 km/105 mi.

Our many years of experience have proved that the E6100 is the best set for recumbenters who have chosen our bikes. Trust us, we really have worked with electric motors for a long time. After all, two members of our team, Honza Galla and Karel Šebela, have taken part in a 7800 km/4875 mi long race of electric bikes powered by solar panels which took them from France all the way to Kazakhstan. Although they had to experiment with various motors and chargers, they returned with heaps of very valuable experience.    

Tech Talk
Power: 250 W
Battery capacity: 504 Wh
Range: up to 170 km/105 miles.
Chain wheel 20”: 44 teeth
Chain wheel 26”: 38 teeth


Powerful lightweight motor designed for optimal power transfer to deliver maximum distance and pleasure

  • Extremely low weight of 2.88 kg
  • Smooth, intelligent pedaling support that’s easy to operate
  • Narrowed pedal-to-frame width for a natural riding feel with increased comfort
  • Sleek, compact, integrated design that blends in with bike frame
  • Incredibly durable for all weather conditions
  • Drive unit saves 20% energy (vs E6000) for increased range
  • In Start Mode (Di2 only), bike automatically shifts down to a low gear as you stop, preparing you for an easy start


Fast-charging, high capacity Li-Ion battery gets you there … and back!

  • Supported travel up to 170 km on one charge
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go

Info Display

Customize your ride, down to what data you view – and how you view it. The choice is yours.



  • Sleek, front boom-mounted, easy-to-read display with functions including speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication, and so much more

The Shimano Steps E6100 can be combined with selected components:

Shimano Nexus Inter 5E

A gearbox integrated in the rear hub, offering a 263 % range, specially designed for electric bikes to prevent problems with the massive combined torque coming from the rider’s feet and the motor. Thanks to the electronic shifting, you can change gears manually or enjoy the convenience of intelligent automatic shifting, savour the ride in itself and the beauty around you, not worrying about anything else. Another huge advantage is the option to change gears even when stationary, which applies to all the other integrated gearboxes anyway, such as Nexus, Rohloff and Pinion.    

Learn more about automatic shifting

Shimano Sora 1×9, or Shimano Deore 1×10 

Traditional shifters using a derailleur and a 11 to 34, or 11 to 36 tooth cassettes, they are the basic economical option we have on offer.

Enviolo 380 (formerly known as NuVinci)

A continuously variable automatic rear hub transmission, originally designed for industrial electric motors, so its use for electric bikes is, unsurprisingly, possibly the best choice. NuVinci will allow you to change gears even when shifting under power, that is when to motor is putting the power in and you will never have the feeling that it is under stress. Compared to the automatic Nexus Inter E5, the range of gears this option offers is larger by 1/3, that makes it 380 % that will allow you to get up even steeper hills under heavier loads.   

Rohloff – 14 speed gear hub

in comparison with other shifting systems for electric bikes, the Rohloff offers you a massive gear range of 526 %. With this, you will able to get up any hill under any load. No steep part will pose a problem when moving off even if you have, for example, your huge canine friend behind you in a trailer. The Rohloff is simply the ultimate choice for extreme cyclists favouring electric bikes.  



For those of you who are thinking of riding through rugged terrain with really heavy loads, we can also fit your bike or trike with the Shimano Steps E8000 motor within our LEVEL 3 project for custom-built bikes.  


Need more inspiration?

Mighty little TRIcon

Mighty little TRIcon

Some of the bikes one would call “little rascal”. Just like this custom colored TRIcon 20 with the Shimano Steps E6100 motor. It doesn’t have much options or accessories, but you quickly get a feeling, that it will be a pure joy to ride them.

Two extreme AZUB Ti-FLY Xs went to Austria

Two extreme AZUB Ti-FLY Xs went to Austria

We have built two beautiful largely customized electric recumbent trikes AZUB TI-FLY X for retired Austrian couple. They did have very precise idea about what they want for their trikes. Thanks to our EPIC level of customization we were able to build them their dream trikes.

AZUB FAT with Shimano Steps E8000 and XTR Di2

AZUB FAT with Shimano Steps E8000 and XTR Di2

This is a real beast. AZUB FAT with Shimano STEPS E8000 electric motor and Shimano XTR top-of-the-range Di2 electronic shifting and eleven-speed 11 to 40-tooth cassette.

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