Top line

Top Line bicycles embody the very best we can build for you here in AZUB. Even the tiniest details are the result of long years of development and testing, in particular the asymmetrical and extremely stiff rear fork which we are really proud of. It is the asymmetry that provides plenty of space for the side sliding pulley. Similarly, the shock located outside the axis shortens the length of the bike and improves its manoeuvrability. Our Top Line bicycles are recommended for riders who come close to the load capacity limit of our bikes (125 kg / 275 lb), those who undertake long journeys fully loaded and also those who are planning to pull a child or cargo trailer. However, based on our experience, we know that AZUB SIX, MAX and MINI are also purchased by many people simply because they just adore the look.




Mainstream Line

A well-known saying is that beauty lies in simplicity. And the bikes from our Mainstream Line are exactly that. Elements such as the mounting of the rear fork or the shock have been tried and tested by years of use. Before, there used to be many more differences between the Mainstream Line and the Top Line, but here in AZUB, we simply enjoy tinkering with things and improving them. In 2013, we therefore merged many elements with the Top Line. Today, the only difference between them is the rear fork which has a simple design in the Mainstream Line, mounted on the steel axle with bushings. Also, the Apus, Ibex and Bufo do not have a chain pulley and their chain lies directly between the cranks and the cassette. This solution is simply clean, functional and durable. After all, the Apus or Ibex also have been used by many long distance explorers on their expeditions. And what is more, Mainstream Line bikes cope extremely well even with everyday heavy use, for example when commuting to work.





Nowadays, trikes are the in-thing in the recumbent world. In the US, for each recumbent bike there are nine tricycles sold. Trikes bring people all the benefits of riding recumbent while not having to worry about balance. Riding trikes is fun, comfortable, exhilarating and unconventional. To put is simply, it is awesome and very different. That is why we embarked on developing trikes with such passion and enthusiasm and why we keep trying to advance them technically more and more. The T-Tris model with no suspension impresses people with its manoeuvrability and superb riding qualities. The TRIcon amazed the world with its incredibly compact folding and when we added a 26″ rear wheel complete with the revolutionary fixed Syntace axle, the trike was awarded the title Trike of the Year 2015. And then, there is the Ti-FLY with its titanium front suspension which took the breath away from many people around the world when it was launched at the beginning of 2016, as in many aspects, its concept is more than revolutionary. If you do get mixed up with our tricycles, trust us, it will be one hell of a fun ride!

Ti-FLY 26

TRIcon 26

T-Tris 26

Ti-FLY 20

TRIcon 20

T-Tris 20



Extreme Line

Whether it is its size when ready to ride or the size when folded, Extreme Line bicycles are just that – extreme. All frames for AZUB recumbents and trikes, as well as the vast majority of parts are produced in the Czech Republic or in the neighbouring Slovakia. That is why we can afford to produce even small order models, models without which the recumbent world would be much duller and much less entertaining. Take the AZUB TWIN, a unique recumbent tandem that offers both its riders two truly recumbent seating positions without any compromises whatsoever. Likewise, the Origami is a folding recumbent you will not find anywhere else in the world.



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