Some guys love cars. Some bikes. And some love both. At least when talking about iconic cars, inspiration, and new technology. Kelvin Clark is the owner of Angletech in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, and he has ridden basically all recumbents that have been available on the US market. His latest personal bike, or better to say trike, is the Ti-FLY 20 with BROSE Smag motor, SRAM Red AXS components, the Dream Seat, and a ColorShop custom color combination. The inspiration for the colors was an iconic racing car from the seventies. We have asked Kelvin why he has ordered this particular set-up from the US, and to complete the story, we add one video where you can see the Gulf Porsche 917 in action and also Kelvin talking about his work and shop.

Why the GULF color combination and the Black Edition anodized parts?
I had this order in for some time waiting on certain components to be come available, namely the Black Edition items, Dream seat, and Brose.

Jan sent a note saying, “it’s time to pick your Colorshop.” I had a bit of a flashback to 1972 and the Gulf Porsche 917’s racing Le Mans, and thought that’s it! So out came the RAL swatches and sent Jan the numbers along with a pic of the 917. The Black Edition bits finished the idea.

And the BROSE motor? 
In around August 2021, I was in a dialogue with Milan on some topics and the Brose came into the thread. AZUB was testing it for production. I liked the way it was described, progressive with steady power. Works as promised!

Your choice of SRAM RED AXS wireless derailleur, 12spd cassette, and also the 12spd flat top chain is pretty unique as well. Tell us more about it.
I have had this drive on another trike for 2 years and it is super clean shifting and the SRAM AXS Red Bluetooth wireless set up means no gear adjustments! The flattop chain looks cool but also contributes to the stellar shifting. Finally, the ergonomic thumb rocker shifter finishes the finesse. This has become our favorite drivetrain.

What about the red wider grips? 
The wider at the base design means less gripping of the hand when riding.

The Dream seat addresses all the little things that needed improvement. It’s the one!

The mission of this project was to bring a bunch of lessons learned over time and build the best solutions into the best trike chassis available, the AZUB Ti-Fly 20.

Note: The featured image is a work in Photoshop, of course.

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