For the past few years, we have been installing excellent mid-drive motors from the Japanese manufacturer Shimano on our two-wheelers and trikes. Their latest two versions are STEPS E6100 and the more powerful variant EP8. However, the world of electric drives is developing dynamically, and we don’t want to be left behind, so we decided to add a top mid-drive system from the German manufacturer BROSE. It is their top model with the designation Smag, where “mag” is an abbreviation for magnesium, from which the body of the motor itself is made. So now you can find a total of 3 types of engines in our permanent offer. Two from Shimano and one from BROSE.

BROSE is characterized above all by its very quiet operation, which was achieved thanks to the use of a belt for the final transmission inside the motor itself. The Smag has a torque of 90 Nm, which is 5 Nm more than the STEPS EP8, but you would overlook that advantage under normal circumstances. However, what you will recognize at first glance is the larger and colorful 3.5″ display, which you will find in a familiar place for us right in your field of vision behind the engine between the cranks.

Compared to Shimano, BROSE requires significantly less force to activate the motor, and this will be especially appreciated by physically weaker cyclists or people with disabilities. During start-ups, it is therefore not necessary to lean so much on the pedals for the engine to start helping, which is especially important when starting uphill.

Like Shimano, BROSE complies with regulations for use on European, American, and Canadian roads. So in Europe, the limit is 25 km/h, and in North America 20 mph.

And finally, the price is the same as the Shimano STEPS EP8 motor, but the BROSE already has a larger 630 Wh battery as standard.

Matt Galat and Honza Galla prepared a video for you in which they briefly introduce the engine and show you how to control it.

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