We are building the first trikes with the BROSE Smag motors these days. You may not have heard the name BROSE before, but the focus of this family-owned company with more than 26 000 employees is primarily automotive parts. They produce them in 62 factories in 23 countries worldwide and supply them to 80 car manufacturers. Like BOSCH, BROSE also started making high-quality mid-drive bicycle engines in 2015, and the Smag model is its top model. BROSE motors are used, for example, by the Specialized, and there can be no doubt about their quality.

The Smag offers up to 90 Nm of torque, and its main advantage is a very quiet operation thanks to the unique construction. Instead of cogwheels, you will find a belt reinforced with carbon fibers inside the motor. Another technical finesse is the magnesium body, which reduces the engine’s weight to 2900 grams / 6.4 pounds. The motor can also provide up to 410% of assistance to your performance. When riding with Smag, you will enjoy its quiet operation and smooth engagement in all circumstances.

Our bikes and trikes that come with this motor are always equipped with a larger 630Wh battery and a centrally located large color display. Thanks to it, you have all the necessary information right in your field of vision. Control is simple; you can find the controller on the left or right handlebar. The BROSE Smag motor can be combined with a cassette and classic shifting, with a gear hub from Rohloff or the stepless Enviolo hub.

On photos you can see in this article, there is the full suspension Ti-FLY 26 e-trike equipped with the BROSE Smag combined with standard 10 speed cassette and derailleur. Also new ultra-comfy Dream Seat in its XL size will provide the rider enjoyable moments during the cycling trips.

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