Dear AZUB fans, friends and mainly AZUB trike riders! 
We are happy to show you the first photos and a short 360 degrees video of the new ultra-comfy mesh for our trikes seats. 

We have been working on it for about a year and a half and we tweaked every single detail. From those important ones like ventilation channels, the thickness of the padding, or the overall shape to those little ones like the size of the red logo in the front, shape of reflectors at the back side, size of the pocket or color and style of stitches.

Even the first look at our new seat suggests that the ride in it will be really comfortable. Sit in it like in a soft cloud and experience the feeling of absolute nirvana. But not only that. While riding, you will be supported by the side padding, and ingenious shaping in the shoulder part will allow the necessary movement to the sides. There is enough lightly padded space around the tailbone for you to fit into the seat properly without feeling any pressure. And then there are the ventilation ducts. Wide enough for excellent air distribution and, at the same time, cleverly shaped to help ergonomic sitting.

The critical point of the whole seat is its front part. We paid great attention to its shape. We spent endless time discussing and testing it as we had to reconcile two conflicting requirements. The first was enough space for pedaling and movement of the legs, and the second was preventing the rider’s body from sliding down from the seat. The result is a raised central nose filled with three different types of foam to provide sufficient support while offering blasting comfort even during long rides.

Other necessary details are the asymmetrically shaped reflective surfaces at the back of the seat, where you will find the seat size designation too. In the upper part of the backrest, there is also a large pocket the size of an A4 / US letter with two inner pockets and a waterproof zipper. The zipper is equipped with a comfortable pull for easy opening. Of course, there must also be holes for placing the flag in the seat tube.

The entire construction of the cover is made of durable materials, and the robustness is further increased by using the well-known Hypalon material, which is located on the sides of the seat. Hypalon is used primarily in highly stressed products, for example, in the maritime industry or in producing various protective suits. On our seat, it helps to make it durable and tight it perfectly with straps on the back. These are equipped with plastic buckles and safety velcro.

Now all you have to do is try our seat. We are sure that you will fall in love with it in the first sitting.

The meshes will be delivered as an option at an additional cost and are backward compatible with all our seats. Retrofit is possible on trikes produced in the second half of 2018 or later. We expect the first delivery in July, but it is mostly sold for your demo trikes. The second batch will be partly used for trikes that we have on order now, and after that, we will be able to sell them as an aftermarket product for retrofitting. Probably sometime in Autumn. 

The surcharge for the mesh itself is: 160 EUR / USD 170
The aftermarket price for the mesh is: 260 EUR / USD 270

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