We at AZUB are known for the fact that we like to ride our bikes, that some of us have completed very long expeditions not only on recumbent bikes but also on trikes, and that we like to support other adventurers in their journeys of discovery. And proper cycle touring also requires proper carrier. The biggest challenge in our carrier history so far has been designing a large carrier for our suspension trikes with a 26″ rear wheel, whether it’s the TRIcon 26 and GR, or the Ti-FLY 26 and Ti-FLY X.

Such a carrier must carry not only two sets of bags, but also an upper bag such as the ORTLIEB Rack-Pack. It has to have enough load capacity, it only has to be attached in a small area around the shock, it has to give the rear wheel enough room for moving up when the shock is compressed, and it also has to fit in the box when we send it with the trikes around the world to our customers. And so King Rack was born. The largest carrier in our offer, which clearly meets the above-mentioned requirements. And we dare to say that it has a great design as well and that it definitely attracts attention.

Matt Galat, known for his YouTube channel JaYoe Nation, is also absolutely thrilled with it, so he made this great video about our King Rack.

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