We have built two beautiful largely customized electric recumbent trikes AZUB TI-FLY X for retired Austrian couple. They did have very precise idea about what they want for their trikes and it has to be said they wanted just the best! Thanks to our EPIC level of customization we were able to build them their dream trikes.

Let’s go through all the details together. 

Except for the neon color, the lights are the most visible difference to our standard production trike. Customers ordered German Supernova M99 MINI PRO front lights with the remote control to switch between low and high beam. The front light produces overwhelming 1150 lumens / 260 lux in high beam and 450 lumens / 150 lux in low beam. The rear light is also a unique one called Supernova M99 Tail Light which can be seen from 900 meters / 3000 feet even in daylight.

Man has ordered the AZUB Ti-FLY X with Shimano Steps E8000 motor to get the maximum power out of the unit. We have assembled the E6000 version of the Steps mainly because it can be coupled with the automatic shifting of the Nexus 5 geared hub to make riding the bike super easy for her.

As mentioned, one of the trikes is equipped with the Shimano Nexus Inter 5 hub which is able to shift automatically. The other one has the Rohloff hub with 14 speeds. This is the perfect piece of German bike technology offering the range of 526% of gear range. Lady also has lighter gearing as her power is a bit weaker than of the man.

The trike with Rohloff hub has a classic grip shift on the right side and the switch unit of the motor and the front light button are nicely positioned on the left side. To make the display as visible as possible we have placed it on the grab handles. You can also notice a coupled lever for the front disc brakes. The rear brake is also fully functional on both trikes under special order.

The trike with automatic shifting has both switch units on the right side. The “horizontal” one with three square buttons controls the motor and the “vertical” one controls the shifting if switched to manual.

Other custom components are tyres for example. Both trikes have Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB in the front and Magic Marry 2,6″ tyres in the back for maximum traction.

How do you like them? Is there anything you would order differently? Let us know in he comments!

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