The fully suspended trike with three 26” wheels called AZUB Ti-FLY X is truly a bike supposed to be used off the beaten paths, on the roads full of stones and loose sand, and this is how we have specified it and how you can find it in our configurator.

You may know we offer three levels of how you can configure the bike from us. Level 1 is a trike we have in stock, Level 2 can be configured via the configurator and in Level 3 we can fulfil the greatest dreams and special needs as well. And this road version of the Ti-FLY X is one of the very good examples what can happen when your needs mix up with dreams.

The owner has a small disability so a full suspension is a must. He also wants to ride with his teammates who ride upright road bikes and for this purpose, we have built it with BionX D-series e-assist he tuned to ride more than 40 km/h (it is not available from us) and skinny tires. He also has a second set of wheels with knobby tires and no engine so he can ride in a terrain easily. What a bike, right!?

So don’t be afraid to ask for combinations we don’t have in the configurator. If you are willing to wait a little longer and pay more to get what you really want and need, Level 3 is here for you.


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