If you have an adventurous spirit, if you like trikes with all three big wheels, but if you are looking for simplicity, function, and an affordable price, the T-Tris AR is right for you. We introduced it a month ago at Cycle-Con in the USA, and today you can easily order it through one of our dealers or directly from us if there is no bicycle dealer in your area. In our configurator, you can play with the best specification exactly for you, and believe us, if you order the T-Tris AR by Monday, November 7th latest, we will be able to send it to you later this year. The last bikes will leave us before Christmas.

The acronym AR from us officially stands for Adventure Ride, but our fans have mentioned All Road too, which also describes this trike. Compared to our popular AZUB Ti-FLY X model, it lacks suspension, so driving in more demanding terrain will not be as comfortable, but you can catch up with comfort by ordering our new Dream Seat.

Unlike the TRIcon GR and Ti-FLY X, the T-Tris AR only has narrow hubs, which are the same as our regular 20″ trikes, and the rims are also narrow. The maximum tire width is 2.35″, but you can build an AR even with 1.1″ Schwalbe Durano tires and make it a road rocket for high-speed adventures.

You can find more information on our website and in the configurator.

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