The time has come to introduce you to our new smallest trike model, which we developed because you yourself requested it. Resp. your needs demanded it. We have more and more requests for a tricycle for children or for riders of small figures, so we had to prepare a unique model adapted to our smallest customers. His name is T-Trisek.

It is based on a trike that we have been continuously producing since 2010, which was first called the AZUB ECO trike and then the AZUB T-Tris. Combined with the three 20″ wheels, the T-Tris 20 is already a nice little trike, but to fit even smaller people on the trike, we had to make a total of 4 changes. 

And all of them were only on the front of the frame, so the rear part is the same as the T-Tris 20 model. This means that changing from T-Trisek to T-Tris 20 is possible in the future.

Back to those four points.

First, we shortened the frame where the front boom enters it. This obviously brought the cranks closer to the seat.

Second, we shortened the main frame tube right next to the folding hinge, which again means that the entire trike has been shortened and optimized for short riders. Although we lost 5 cm / 2 inches of seat adjustment range, we’ve gained valuable space where it is much needed.

The third thing is that we’ve optimized the design of the steering axle assembly so our sliding sleeve can move all the way to the steering axle. As a result, this means that the seat can be pushed even closer to the cranks.

And the fourth thing is component optimization. The standard configuration includes shorter child cranks and a Medium size seat. For ease of use, we have chosen a combination of a nine-speed cassette and a three-speed gearbox from Sturmey Archer, which actually replaces the triple crankset in the front.

The result of all these modifications is that the trike fits riders with a height of at least 135 cm, i.e., 4 feet 3, or even a little less.

If you want to know more about the cute model and why we have named it AZUB T-Trisek, continue to the model page describing all its features.

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