We have big news for you today. We have started to offer motors from the new generation of electric drives made by the Japanese brand Shimano, the STEPS EP6 and STEPS EP801. We’ve also heavily discounted the previous motor, the E6100, by an excellent 1000 EUR / USD while stocks last. This actually made the high-quality Shimano Steps E6100 a sort of basic and very affordable e-assist comparable in price to no-name retrofit motors. We have also discounted the stock bikes that have Steps E6100 engines.

And to make things even better, we’re the first recumbent brand to launch a new set of Shimano Cues components in the Di2 version. This is and electronic groupset and the first in the world to combine automatic shifting with a conventional cassette and derailleur. You can order this kit in combination with the new motors starting today with delivery within 5 to 6 weeks!

So let’s have a closer look at each change!

Shimano STEPS EP801 is the new
top model from the Japanese brand

The new Shimano EP801 motor is essentially a modified Shimano EP8 motor. For the latest version of the EP801, the motor has been adapted to the company’s new electronic shifting technology, which you’ll learn more about later. In addition, Shimano has modified the power curves and the maximum torque of 85Nm is now applied over a wider cadence range. Individualists will be pleased with the FINE TUNE function in the E-TUBE app. Instead of the three basic support levels ECO, TRAIL and BOOST, this allows up to 15 individually adjustable support levels to be stored.

Also new are the 504 Wh and 630 Wh batteries. The 630 Wh is an optional extra. Both look basically the same as the previous batteries, but are not compatible with them. The new system also has a new communication protocol, which means that the old and new components don’t communicate with each other at all and can’t be linked. This is also true for the electronic shifting, both the controlers and the electronic derailleur or gearhub. So only the new components communicate with the new engines.

The display is new as well, which we still have in the most visible place, right behind the engine, so that you can easily see it at all times. However, the display is colorful, has expanded settings and more contrast, which helps for even better readability.


New Shimano EP6 engine
premium performance at a mid-range price

The new Shimano EP6 motor is a lower cost alternative to the Shimano EP801 motor. The key performance figures are almost identical to the top-of-the-range Shimano EP801: 85 Nm of torque at a sustained output of 250 W. Only the overall weight of 3.0 kg is about 300 g more than the EP8 system, where the motor unit weighs only 2.7 kg / 5.9 lbs. The EP6 also features a new FINE TUNE MODE with 15 adjustable levels of assiatnce and is compatible with the new CUES Di2 e-bike groupset. The display is the same with the new EP801 motor.

New Shimano Cues Di2
automatic shifting in combination with rear derailleur

As mentioned, we are the first recumbent manufacturer to launch the Cues Di2 derailleur! With the latest generation of Cues Di2, Shimano brings two new features to the market. Thanks to FREE SHIFT technology, it is possible to shift without pedaling. However, the bike must move. So you can use this feature on steep descents when you want to be locked into the pedals but need to downshift. The same applies when approaching a traffic light at a red light, for example. In automatic mode, the system also downshifts itself when you start to slow down significantly on a hill. Up to a pre-defined gear.

With the new AUTO SHIFT function, Shimano goes one step further: the new EP drives analyse speed and cadence and automatically select the appropriate gear. We already know this from the Nexus Inter 5E automatic transmissions or the Enviolo Automatic. The crucial difference, however, is that the Nexus has a range of only 263% and the Enviolo 380. The Cues Di2 in the 1×10 version that we will be offering has an 11-43 tooth cassette and thus has a range of 390%. Plus, the Cues is lighter and cheaper.

Even within the automatic shifting, it is possible to shift manually if, in your opinion, the system decided to change the gear wrong. Alternatively, it is possible to switch to purely manual mode. You can choose directly on the controller whether you ride mainly on the road or off-road. The automatic gearshift adapts to your riding style then. The use of LINK GLIDE technology, which extends the life of the chain and cassette up to almost 4 times compared to other chains and cassettes, is also essential. And that’s exceptionally good news when used on electric bikes.

USB connector for all geeks

Finally, a little something that will make many people very happy. The new motors will also be available with a USB connector for an extra charge, which will allow you to charge your devices such as smartphones, power banks, GPS or cameras.

And this is all. Visit our configurator to get more information about pricing and compatibility, plus a comparison among the systems and drivetrains.

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