We are very happy we can introduce you a new member of our team who will care about the recumbent sales and will further improve our customer service. His name is Milan Čtvrtník and here is his little introduction:

My name is Milan Čtvrtník.
1979 is the year when I was born.
1950 refers to my longest bike trip in miles.
1250 kms long was my longest journey on foot.
300 kms/week on my way to work on a kick bike has been my average in past 10 years.
2 is the number of wheels I usually use to get anywhere, and also the number of my children.

Yes, I like maths, studied maths, taught maths, left maths to become an actor, and after years finally left theatre to join AZUB team.

I will be responsible for all your orders, of course, under supervision of Honza Galla, who is going to focus more on marketing and modern means of communication.
So, please, excuse any temporary inconvenience, it will make it possible for us to offer even better service in the future.

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