AZUB team participated in the HPV World Championship in Orgelet, France. We were promoting our bikes at the little expo, supporting the recumbent community, meeting our friends and other great people, enjoying the atmosphere, and racing. Jan – our sales guy – and Petr – one of the mechanics – were there to participate in the races. The first day was all about climbing. Jan and Petr did great, although Jan had a puncture in the second run. He didn’t want to give up and did around 2 kilometers / 1,3 miles on a flat tire.

200 meters flying start, and 1000 meters disciplines happened on the second day. Both Jan and Petr did great again. Also, the gathering and little recumbent show in the city center was a pleasant experience.

Jan and Petr did very well the third day as well, and although using not really racing machines – a prototype of the T-Tris with 700c rear wheel and the MAX 700, they overtook many faster-on-paper bikes. They are both happy with their final results! Jan was 44th out of 113 racers, and Petr was 67th. That also includes the extremely fast velomobiles and two-wheelers with aerodynamic tailboxes!

We are looking forward to the next year. If you want to join the AZUB team, let us know!

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