Dear customers, dealers, friends, and fans of AZUB,
We would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas and also a quiet year in 2023. This year was a big ride for us. We started going to fairs again and attended several in the Czech Republic and one in the USA. We also took two extended trips to meet again with our recumbent dealers in both Europe and North America. All this was primarily to get feedback. To learn where we can improve and what you like most about our work. Thanks to such events, we met many old acquaintances and made new friends. The most visible one is undoubtedly Matt Galat, known for his JaYoe Youtube channel, and we can promise you that we still have some of Matt’s killer videos on our hard drives for you to see in 2023. We also have introduced a new model, the T-Tris AR, and mainly the Dream Seat you like so much! And last but not least, we produced a record number of bikes and trikes, for which we must thank the AZUB team.

In the following year, we plan to meet you at the SPEZI fair in Lauchringen in Germany, during Cycle-Con in the USA, and also at several other events here in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. We are preparing a new and significantly improved configurator and later also an e-shop with accessories and spare parts. We also believe that we will be able to maintain the current delivery time, which we have reduced from 17 to 8 weeks this year. Eight weeks seem sustainable to us now, and we don’t expect a shorter delivery time. We are very much looking forward to the following year, but we need to catch our breath before it, so AZUB will be closed from tomorrow. We will only respond to emails sporadically and will start again in full power on the 2nd of January, 2023

In conclusion, we wish for the whole world to become less turbulent in the coming year so that we can all enjoy a more peaceful time and still meet and ride bikes together!

And if you’ve had enough of Mariah Carey and her song “All I want for Christmas is You,” here’s a little gift for you. A playlist of Czech, mostly modern Christmas songs.

Your AZUB (Dream) team!

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