This is a post which should show that almost everything is possible here in AZUB. Even if we officialy promote the AZUB ECO trike as a basic trike with only minimum of options, we are able to build it based on customer demand. Of course, with some little upcharge for customization.

In last two year we have built about 10 or 15 custom ECO trikes so we will most probably introduce a new model for the next year (2013). It will be something like “ECO trike PLUS” or so where you will have a chance to choose from all the options we normaly offer with all our other models. We think you will like it.

As you can see, this trike has also a custom paint RAL 1016 which we even do not normaly offer. Seems that a full range of RAL colors will be available from Color shop too in 2013.

The other special parts and components:
– disc brakes Avid BB7
– SON hub dynamo for trikes
– lights for hub dynamos Busch und Müller
– computer sensor mount (new accessory – from November 2012)

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