It is unbelievable how fast the time flies. It seems like New Year was here just a few days ago and now nearly half of it is gone. Incredible. And in recent months, here in AZUB we have worked on many interesting things.


You probably already know that we have introduced a new model of a full suspension trike called the Ti-FLY. We dare say that it is the most advanced tricycle in the world and that it offers an incredibly comfortable ride thanks to its transverse titanium leaf springs. And what a beauty it is!



And now we also have new bright neon colours on offer. They are Banana Neon, Lemon Neon and Kiwi Neon. Although there is a small risk that prolonged exposure to bright sunlight may cause the colour to fade, overall experience with them is positive and people absolutely adore them. You can order these colours in our Color Shop.


Last year we used an amazing technical piece de resistant on several trikes and bicycles, the German 18 speed Pinion P 1.18 gearbox which has a hugely impressive 636% range. It meets all demands of a recumbent cyclist with ease, whether riding very slowly uphill or racing down long steep hills. This year we offer the Pinion P 1.18 as standard and on request, we are able to build a bike with a different type of a Pinion gearbox. For example, their 9 speed version goes beautifully with electric bikes.


What is more, we are preparing a brand new website for you with lots of large format photos and an extensive community section, and now we have just released one of the results of our preparations, 360 degree views of selected models. One of them is the AZUB TRIcon 20 with a Pinion gearbox and an eye catching colour scheme. So have a look and play around with this lovely trike.

We have bikes in STOCK!
If you for some reason cannot wait and need a tricycle right now, we can offer you several models that are ready to go, whether they are bikes from fairs or trikes that we built over the winter period, when we generally have fewer orders and have time to prepare for the upcoming season. You can find all the necessary information on our website.

We are also very pleased to announce that our delivery time on all bicycles and tricycles, except the TWIN and Origami, is only 3 weeks. Yippee!

And that’s all for today. On behalf of the AZUB team, we wish you many new wonderful miles on your recumbents!

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