This article has been published in March issue of “Cyclotourisme” magazine, which is send to 22.000 subscribers among the 110.000 members of the FFCT (French Federation of CycloTourism)

FFCT is dedicated to leisure cycling and is different than the FFC (French Federation of Cyclism), which is more oriented towards competition.

Monique (author) has been national responsible of the security commission of the FFCT, and was also in charge of security for the Paris-Brest-Paris 2011.She knows very well the security issues for the cyclists, she chose a trike for herself, and she very well explains in the article that the trike brings more security than the traditional bike.She also writes the trike is not more expensive than a “normal bike”.The only drawback she mentions is that it is cumbersome to transport (more than a normal bike)… but she forgot to mention that most trikes can be folded…. like her T-Tris !

Quite nice article, isn’t it ?

We would like to thank Philippe from Velofasto to send us this article.


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