Saukki is a known recumbent YouTuber and his Velomobile Channel is pretty popular with over 8000 followers as of the beginning of November 2020. He speaks about the best possible recumbent for off-road riding in his last video which is the AZUB MAX according to his opinion. Or one other model from our competition.

We like the video in general, but we have some more points to consider. The MAX received a new and improved rear fork which allows the customers to use tires up to 2,25″. We also think that that significant impact on the stability of the bike + rider has its geometry and how much the seat is reclined. That said, the more reclined you are on a bike the worse it is to balance it. Usually.

Our marketing guru Honza has tested several different AZUB models in the terrain and his opinion is that you should consider a smaller 20″ front wheel with good suspension especially if you are shorter than 185 cm / 6′ 1″. Read his article here.

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