Join our Honza and Gary from Laidback Bike Report for an exciting interview so you can explore AZUB’s trike and bike models presented at our booth at the SPEZI 2023 in Lauchringen last month. Honza talked about the Ti-FLY X, our top model and also best-seller, which features all 26-inch wheels and full suspension and is powered by the high-performance BROSE S-mag motor. It boasts 90 Nm meters of torque, offering impressive power and a smooth, quiet ride. The large colorful screen and user-friendly design make it accessible for all riders. Additionally, the Ti-FLY X showcases a wireless one-by-12 gearing system from SRAM, eliminating the need for cables and enhancing its sleek appearance.

The interview highlights the remarkable size of the cassette, a feature that was unimaginable in previous years. Honza also discusses the Dream Seat, an incredibly comfortable and padded seat designed to provide a heavenly riding experience. The seat incorporates a nose feature to prevent riders from sliding off.

The Ti-FLY X was built with the ColorShop, which offers customizable colors, so this one trike was painted in metallic white and glitter red, providing a beautiful contrast.

Moving on to two-wheelers, Honza presents the AZUB MAX 700, a versatile recumbent which, for the SPEZI 2023, was designed for gravel riding. Equipped with 700c or 28/29-inch wheels, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. The Max 700 at the SPEZI show featured the Lauf fork, a carbon fiber front fork with a carbon suspension system, providing 3 cm / 1,2″ of travel. This lightweight fork ensures a comfortable gravel riding experience without significantly increasing the bike’s height and also weight. The bike incorporates wireless SRAM two-by-11 gearing and attention to detail in its design, with earth-toned frame paint that complements the gravel style.

Don’t miss out on this interesting interview, as Honza provides in-depth insights into AZUB’s innovative trike and bike models, along with our commitment to rider comfort and cutting-edge design.

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