This TV program was in the TV in 2007 as a part of the prestigous Twelve brave series produced by Vodafone. Every year 12 business owners are presented only. They speak about their dreams which turned out to be sucessful business. In 2007 also Ales Zemanek – owner of AZUB BIKE – company producing recumbents and recumbent trikes, was one of those twelve businessmen.

Quite some things has changed since 2007. The company produce 12 models at the moment (end of 2011), has 8 employees, all the building is rebuild now and offer enough of office space and just enough of assembling and stock place for producing recumbents. Also the number of produced recumbents per year has grown a lot.

But the ground of the company, passion of its emploees and passion of Ales Zemanek can be nicely seen in this document.

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