We’ve been dreaming for a few years at AZUB about our own calendar, which would consist of all the amazing pictures we have from the adventurers riding AZUB recumbent bikes, and for this year, which is our twentieth year, the idea made the most sense to us. But its production had a major slip, and so we finally solved it with a small hack.

Instead of just being a 2020 calendar, you’ll find dates for both 2020 and 2021 on every month page. So the calendar has 12 pages (+ one title) but is for two years. Feel free to order it now in April 2020, as it will last until December 2021!

The price including shipping costs EUR 29 for delivery within the European Union. Delivery to the US then costs 49 USD. Orders from other countries have to be priced individually. You can order via e-mail info@azub.eu and then pay either by card or PayPal.

The photos come from many of our friends and adventurers who took them on their long and challenging journeys. They are from Africa and South America, Russia and Australia, etc. We are sure you will enjoy it as we are absolutely excited about it.

Size is A3, ie 58×30 cm or 23 x 12 inches.



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