We are very proud we could be part of the project to supply Lee with his new electric trike. His choice was Ti-FLY 26. Lee has no arms so operating the trike is quite a task. The guys at Angletech did a great job again and made several adjustments so he can steer, but also brake or operate the Shimano Steps motor.

Lee uses old school bionic arm with a hook to steer, but also little stick on the helmet to operate the motor or his knee to brake and feet to change gears. Yes, change gears! One would expect he has an automatic shifting, but hell no! He has a standard cassette!

The trike itself is a fairly standard AZUB Ti-FLY 26 with Shimano Steps E8000 motor which has maximum speed 20 mph and a range to cover quite long daily rides. Shifting is done by standard derailleur system and 11-speed cassette. Additionally, the trike has disc brakes on front wheels, but also a rear disc parking brake. For hauling a lot of luggage there is King Rack installed. For better visibility and possibility to ride in the night there are front and rear lights installed and powered by the main battery. The front one comes from SON and is extremely powerful.

All the adjustments so the trike can be ridden by no-arm rider were done at the Angletech in Colorado Springs, USA.

Here is a photo gallery so you can understand how the trike works. And we wish Lee many happy kilometers / miles!


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