After the Recumbent Cycle Con in Nashville, in October 2019, the boys from AZUB set out on a 9,000 km / 5,600-mile journey around the USA to visit not only many of our business partners but also a few loyal customers. Among them was Hunter, who calls himself Fingerless Rider and with his disability rides the AZUB Ti-FLY X and enjoys a lot of challenging terrains. Jan and Honza met him in Crested Butte, Colorado to ride on the trails there. But they only had one day and the bike park was already closed as the winter was coming. Also, there was no one to advise them on the choice of the trails in the area, so they embarked on an adventure without knowing properly whether the trail is wide enough to pass it. It wasn’t. But in the end, they made it. They had no choice.

As you will see in the video, Jan took on the role of a cable car to pull Hunter up the hill, which eventually allowed them to ride an easier trail down the valley later that day as well.

In any case, we highly recommend that you consult your off-road trail riding plans with someone knowledgeable before the start. You will certainly hear a lot of opinions that this is not possible on recumbent bikes, but be interested in the width of the trail and technical complexity such as jumps, bridges, etc. In the end, we all know that recumbent bikes are more capable than most people think.

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