I always wanted to make a long bicycle trip with some load on the bike, but there was always something that did not let me do it. This year, finally, was the right time to do so, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Because it should have been my first trip like this, I chose not that distant destination with milder ascended altitude, I couldn’t tell in advance, how will my body behave under such load, not to mention the equipment. The final choice was the Netherlands, the island of Texel, where I have been before and wanted to visit it once again.

My sparring partner and vehicle of choice in one was recumbent bike AZUB Origami, because of it’s folding frame – I needed to transport it by bus, and of course because of the comfortable riding position it offers. When I was already on the road, I really appreciated the 20“ wheels. The steering, even with a fully loaded bike, was smooth and easy – the centre of gravity is quite low with 20“ wheels. Panniers of choice are proven Ortlieb ones, classic combo of two Back-Rollers and Rack-Pack on them. And I must say, they stood up to the name – no water inside even after few storms I encountered and plenty of space.

On a train to Prague. After reaching our capital I went through the center of the city and headed to the north-west border, toward “Ore mountains”.


My first night in the woods, somewhere close to “Postoloprty” village. I was quite lucky to find this spot – quiet and without people.


Right after crossing the Czech part of Ore mountains I encountered Ore mountain’s valley, “Schwarzwassertal”, which belongs to Germany. Gravel roads there were really fun to ride.


Quick stop, enjoy the view of the river and back on the road.


When leaving the village of Weissbach I encountered “mini Weissbach”, which is basically full of interactive miniatures, which represents real buildings in a village.


After the whole day on the road, when I slowly started to “smell myself” 😁 and the decision was clear. I looked for a campsite with a hot shower and didn’t regret it.


Next day. Even though the map marked this route as “road bike suitable”, it didn’t seem that way on first sight.


This day was in the sign of flatlands, so I was able to see this nuclear powerplant from a quite long distance as I was approaching. Name’s “Lippendorf”.


One of many beautiful sunsets. Especially, when you pedal till 8:30 PM every day, you can see many of them. I also chose to sleep at campsites the upcoming days… shower is shower 😁


The first windmill I encountered was already in Germany.


Flatlands of Germany are literally full of wind powerplants.


Origami handled even roads like this without any problem. Real gravel bike. BTW – the map still marked this route as “road bike suitable”.


The traditional German architecture was to see on every sight. Literally, every village had buildings like this.


Sixt’s day evening. I was standing at Netherland’s border.


Common Dutch road, both sides dedicated to cyclists and cars in the middle.


And also common parking place. Smaller one.


Another parking place in the distance. This one is actually for boats, you can see only the ship masts.


The Dutch people are really into all sorts of green. Gardener is quite a respectable job here 😁


Approximately in the middle of the Netherlands, I came across something really interesting to ride. Artificially created dyke, which is almost 26 km long, and connects two parts of the country. Water and rough wind everywhere. There were a lot of places on the dyke covered with various flowers.


The closer I was to the north, I encountered more beautiful places like this.




The only way to get to the island is on a ferry from Den Helder. Seagulls are aware that it’s always full of people with some treats.


And at last the final destination of my trip, national park “Dunes of Texel”. After eight days on the road, I am here.


Some more pictures from the Texel island:


I made the way back mainly by public transport, I took the train to Amsterdam and then by bus to Prague.

Here’s the originally planned route, but I had to change it few times during the trip, so it got a bit longer – mapy.cz/s/32Z0C

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