Mark has already customized his AZUB MINI from a stock equipped recumbent in a blue color to a very sporty bike in red-black color combination. And again back to standard components. Why? Because he has bought the folding Origami for travelling and needed the parts on this one bike. So you can read a review of an Origami now.

Here is the first part:

Since I began riding recumbents, I’ve often dreamt of traveling with one in a suitcase and unfolding it in some remote destination to tour the countryside. While the pandemic put the brakes on traveling for some time, it did allow me to search for my ideal folding recumbent. In the end, I decided to get another Azub: the Origami. Initially, I planned to replace my Azub MINI with the Origami, but the MINI has since transformed into my cushy electric pedal assist bike that I just can’t bear to let go of yet.

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