All of you who are able to speak and read German can read an extensive test of our folding model AZUB Origami, which was written by Stefan Weißenborn. Those of you who do not speak German can have it translated by Google Translator. It’s easy.

However, the test is somewhat influenced by the fact that Stefan is a recumbent novice and did not have much time to live with a new type of bike. Therefore, we have a few remarks on his mention of the disadvantages of this bicycle.

– There is no need to turn over your shoulder on a recumbent bike, mainly because you have the opportunity to get a mirror. Thanks to it, the view backward is easier and safer than on a classic upright bike.
– Origami is also high enough for you to see through the windows of ordinary cars and also to have an overview of what is happening around you in traffic. After a while, you won’t have a problem keeping your balance, start smoothly, or have eye contact with SUV drivers.
– A flag and a mirror are not standard, as we know from experience that many recumbent bike owners do not use these accessories. Maybe just because they only ride on bike paths. Or they feel safe enough. We always recommend mirrors, but we leave the purchase of flags to customers.

See the full review incl. interesting photo gallery here.

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