We have introduced the open cocpit (OC) steering option here on the blog just about three monthes ago or so and we have built couple of them until now. Here you can see a pretty special bike. It is an AZUB MAX with 26″ wheels and Schwalbe Racing Ralph MTB tyres and the open cocpit. We were all very interested in how such bike will ride and it was a big pleasure.

You can see that we have redesigned the OC a bit. There is a bump on top of the stem now. It looks a bit inappropriate but it gives the needed space for your knees when you are hard cornering.

The OC steering is adjustable in many directions and angles include the height adjustment.

If you have any comments, just write it here. We would like to hear any feedback. Thanks!

BTW: The man who is riding the bike is Miro Ozimý. Our mechanic from Slovakia who is a master in assembling all the different custom solutions and full bikes. A real genius when it comes to the AZUB TWIN or Rohloff assembly.

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