Dear AZUB team,
first of all I want to thank you for your new model MAX 700. The bigger wheelsets are perfect for fast and comfortable rides, … even more compared to the 26“ model. After riding 55.000 km and optimizing my MAX 26“  there cannot be done much more for its enhancement. It still keeps me smiling every day. In summer I  switch to my upright racing bike from time to time but it does not bring the same smile to my face as my „old“ MAX does. So decided to buy a MAX 700 frameset and components optimized for weight and speed.The first few rides are done now and I am happy as a bike rider can be. The MAX 700 is significantly faster (about 20%) and weights about 3kg less compared to my old 26“ model. Carbon seat, carbon front fork and carbon crankset. Campa Scirocco wheelset, Shimano breakes and gears. I don‘t think a component must be changed in the near future.Thanks a lot again!!

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