Do you want to know more about Shimano’s new AUTO SHIFT and FREE SHIFT technology, which now also enables automatic shifting on conventional rear derailleurs and cassettes?

So far, automatic shifting has only been possible with hub gears like the Shimano Nexus Inter 5E (263% gear range) or Enviolo Automatic (380% gear range), but these are quite expensive and the Nexus has a very small gear range. However, Shimano’s new Deore XT and Cues derailleurs, combined with Shimano’s new generation EP6 and EP801 motors, can shift automatically, and the surcharge for a 1×10 Cues with an 11-43 tooth cassette (390% gear range) is only €250/$300 over a 1×10 mechanical derailleur and 11-36 tooth cassette (327% gear range). This means that today, pretty much anyone ordering an AZUB trike with the new motors can enjoy the simplicity of automatic shifting.

Check out the video in which Honza explains how the system looks like and how it works in practice.

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