We have received very nice e-mail from Erwan travelling around France and just being. Being with our bike. Nice!

I chose an azub max to live on the road. I have used an optima baron for 10 years and a nazca pioneer for 5 years, so, I can recognize a good bike.

I left about 4 month ago and covered about 4000km. I prefer human relationships than trade relathionships : to give, to receive, to ask, to refuse and not to sell,  to buy, to take, to submit. For the moment, it works better than I hoped.

I was a physics and chemistry teacher for ten years. Now, maybe a kind of nomad or a street artist. I don’t mind. I don’t know how long it will go on : as long as I get pleasure and find what I

I called my website « un vélo dans la tête » (a bike in the mind) which is used in french to say that somebody is a little bit crazy. It seems that world is crazy, so I chose a sweeter way to be crazy.

http://unvelodanslatete.free.fr/ – only in French

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