This little bike is trully a high end recumbent. Lincoln wanted to have it as light as possible with the best components we can offer. As same as hisfirst bike from us the AZUB MAX. So we did our best. Carbon seat, R.A.W. wheels, XTR components with 3×10 speeds, Ultegra cranks (we could not find the Dura Ace tripple in or near The Czech Republic), Ventisit seat pad etc.

Lincoln wanted to have the XTR V-brakes which are not available at the moment, but we searched on the net, in all available e-shops and shops around and found ,aybe last pieces here in Czech. Also yellow stickers were a wish of Lincoln so we organised them for him.

Off to You can see almost everything is possible in AZUB and we are not lying when we talk about “individual approach”.

Off to In the photo gallery, you can see not only the bike before we ship it to Australia, but also some pictures from Lincoln from the place which is a home for this little Origami now. You can see a padded transport bag for the Origami too. We will have a price for it soon and you will be able to find such transport bags for most of our models on our web too.
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