Luis Blando from California has a new toy. And his wife as well. They have purchased the AZUB SIX and the MINI both with Shimano Steps EP8 e-assist and the Rohloff hub as they live in a very hilly area. Luis has quite some experience riding recumbents as he has owned several of them. Among others, he had or still has bikes like Bacchetta Giro 20, Lightning P-38, carbon fiber speed demon Zockra HR-700 or Thys 209 rowing bike. So his detailed review of the AZUB SIX is very trustworthy.

All the recumbent bikes Luis has had or currently has.

He mentions: “The Azub SIX is one of the best recumbents I have ridden. A pleasure to ride, very stable at both high and low speeds, very comfortable with both front and back suspension, and incredibly smooth in its implementation of gearing/e-assist; more so than other bikes I’ve tried.”

And when talking about the handling and ride of the bike he writes: “I found the bicycle overall incredibly smooth. The bike wants to roll and roll and roll forever. There’s one stretch of the ride where I never pedal at all, with all my bikes, to see how far each of them makes it. Now, before you say anything, I know this is not scientific, as there’s the wind to consider, the condition of the road, and more. Still, there have been so far literally two bikes that made it all the way to the end. One was the Zockra (the tightest recumbent I’ve ridden so far) and the other was the SIX. I was truly surprised (pleasantly) by this.”

We think he is right! Really! SIX is a great recumbent and a model we have been producing the longest time. We have started with AZUB 2000 in 2000 and went through 2001, 2002 to AZUB 3 and later AZUB 4 and 5 with the SIX being the latest evolution of this popular recumbent.

You can read the full length of the review here.

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