SIX stories

Richard Haket visiting Russia

Richard Haket aka "DucthAmerican Tourbiker" is this year on a European trip and right now is discovering Russia. Richard sent us some pictures of him and his AZUB SIX "Gemini" enjoying the trip. During the trip he managed to take a lot of photos, this is just a small...

Frogs on Wheels: Recumbent World Tour. Glimpses of Laos

As you may already know from our website, Frogs On Wheels are a Turkish-French couple who have been travelling the world on two AZUB recumbent bikes for some time now. Gökben, who comes from Turkey, rides an AZUB Six. Her French boyfriend Nico travels on AZUB Max. We have received a message from the Frogs recently with interesting insights into their Lao experience. Moreover, attached to the letter came some stunning pictures that we want to share with you.

Frogs on Wheels are in "stans" now

Gökben and Nico are on their journey for over 400 days now. Currently in Uzbekistan. Here is their rough summary of first half of 2015 and also photos from Georgia and Armenia. Follow the expedition on Facebook or their web.   [gallery link="file" size="full"...

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