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Corinne Courvalin visiting AZUB during the Sun Trip 2018

Corinne Courvalin (67) visited AZUB during the 12.000 km / 7.500 miles long race of solar bikes going from France to China called The Sun Trip. Corinne had a problem with a stability of fully loaded single wheel trailer with solar panels above it and wished to have...

Marc Brunet on AZUB SIX

Marc Brunet has done several long trips on our AZUB SIX. One of the very remarkable was from France to Armenia in order to support children in schools there via a foundation. He is here with grand kids ready for another although much shorter tour. Marc, thank you for...

Laurent Souchet visiting AZUB during The Sun Trip 2018

Laurent Souchet is participating in a race of solar bikes going from France to China called THE SUN TRIP. It is 12.000 km (7.500 miles) long unsupported race of electric bikes which are using solar panels to charge their batteries. Charging from a socket is not...

Video from SPEZI 2015

Short video from the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany, where we had our booth once again. Well, not only one booth. We had a stand in the outside area and also a stand on the test parcour. We brought over 20 bikes and trikes for display and test rides as well.

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