MINI blog posts

Folding MINI prototypes

Here we are with two new prototypes. This time of the AZUB MINI. After quite a long period of hesitating and just listening to the demand of customers, we have prepared a folding frame of dual 20“ wheel recumbent called AZUB MINI. The folding hinge doesn’t have any...

Banana AZUB Mini with Pinion gear hub

What does mean color shop? It means you could choose colour of almost every part of the bike/trike. Like this „banana“ AZUB Mini with Pinion gear hub.

Video from SPEZI 2015

Short video from the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany, where we had our booth once again. Well, not only one booth. We had a stand in the outside area and also a stand on the test parcour. We brought over 20 bikes and trikes for display and test rides as well.

Why do you ride AZUB Mini with dual 20“ wheels even in terrain?

I get such question pretty often. Especialy because I am 185 cm tall which is far enough for dual 26" bike. The answer is a bit longer as it describes my recumbent experience which is couple of years long. I started to ride recumbents sometime around 2003. In that...

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