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The trip to Kyrgyzstan 2018

The trip to Kyrgyzstan 2018

Sylvain, 53 years old, I have lived in Corsica since 2008 and I appreciate the outdoor activities. I cycled a lot in my youth and I decided to go back to cycling in 2016. It was while doing research on the internet on bicycle trips then I discovered the “recumbent bike”. I bought an Azub Bufo at the end of 2016 and Kyrgyzstan is my third trip with this bike, after 2 stays of one month, each in Morocco.

10 interesting facts from the Land of a Thousand Lakes

10 interesting facts from the Land of a Thousand Lakes

For a long time, I used to long to escape into the wild. Then one day I learned about Finland, the land of endless forests, tranquil groves, numerous tourist shelters and thousands of lakes. Finland is largely a flat country with an extensive network of side roads where there is hardly any traffic. It seemed to be the perfect destination for a (recumbent) cyclist.

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