Sergey Brin, one of two Google co-founders, is looking for a recumbent bike. In his Google+ account he ask his followers to recommend him a recumbent with following properties: nice mix of performance, comfort and safety. So, probably 20’ish pounds, not too upright, not too flat, good visibility, maybe an optional fairing.

We are not really a company producing light and super fast road recumbents (not yet :-), but we would be able to match most of his requirements. We think that the good bike for him would be an AZUB MAX with carbon seat and RAW wheel set plus Durano tyres for light weight and good performance. Thanks to our IPS he would be able to find the best riding position. Not too upright, not too flat. AZUB MAX is one of the taller recumbents so the visibiliuty would be good anyway, but to increase it he might go for an orange or light green seat from our new color shop option.

I write about a bike for Sergey mainly because many of you found AZUB because of Google and also because I (Honza Galla) just finnished reading a book Google story about the sucess of a world know Google company. So I am a bit more into this company right now 🙂

I found the info aboit Sergey via where they even made a nice photomontage of Sergey riding on recumbent (see below).

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