Valentin, a French guy, purchased an AZUB T-Tris 20 trike from us early in 2015 and started his world tour in USA couple of months later. Unfornatenuly, his little trike was stolen in Colorado and Valentin had to continue in the backpacking, but very adventurous style. His trike was found in Colorado river badly damaged a few weeks later and we helped repaired it together with great guys from Angletech in Colorado Springs. However, Valentin decided to continue the tour without the trike and sent it to France.

How big was our surprise when he informed us that he is going to bring it back to AZUB to leave it here and that we should find a person to use it in the future. Ideally a traveler again or a disabled person. Valentin wanted to cycle from France, but at the end, he brought the trike by a car. About a year later, after several attempts to find a good usage for the trike, Zdenko Naď from Croatia contacted us and asked for a sponsorship. He could not afford a new trike, nor a used one, but it was his dream to cross the USA on a recumbent. Bingo! He was the right person. So he came to pick up the trike in May 2018 and he is on his tour from the west to east coast now. And guess what! He was in Angletech again and Kirk, the super skilled mechanic out there, took care of the trike again. We wonder, how the story will continue, as Zdenko is planning to bring the trike back to AZUB so another person can use it again.


See Valentin’s photos here under and notice his specially made front rack on the trike.

Zdenko’s photos are hereunder.


Zdenko’s photos from Angletech.


Valentin’s Facebook page with contect which reflects his current adventures.

Zdenko’s Facebook page about his current trip over the USA.

Zdenko’s blog. In Croatian only, but with great photos!

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