The new 2021 price lists are available for download here. Both the price list for trikes and bikes as well as for spare parts will come in force on February 1, 2021. The average increase in prices is roughly 5% however, you still have 12 days to order your bike with 2020 specifications and prices.

The Color Power
For the new season, we have got some new additions for you that could be summed up as “The Colour Power”. The reason is simple. We have expanded our optional extra color portfolio by several new colors, added the most powerful of the Shimano motors and in addition, the CORE level trikes can now be ordered in two colors. Plus, there is also a new flag to brighten up your ride.
Let’s explore some items closer.

Shimano Steps EP8
The long-awaited top-class set of Shimano electric drives has finally been launched and we are including it in the offer for the 2021 season, as standard in our ADVANCED Level customization. You will therefore be able to deck out your bike with a motor achieving up to 85 Nm torque, and combine it with any shifting system from our offer. The EP8 will be available not only with a classic derailleur but also with the electronic (automatic) Shimano Nexus Inter E5 gear hub, the Enviolo TR hub with the continuously variable transmission, or the 14-speed German engineering marvel of a rear hub Rohloff.

Battery capacity up to 630 Wh
As standard, our e-bikes are equipped with the Shimano Steps battery with a capacity of 504 Wh. However, in the new year we are also bringing a larger battery with an impressive capacity of 630 Wh. In ideal conditions it could give you a range of nearly 200 km/120 miles though in most cases, it is around 120 km/75 miles. Still, it is a tremendous increase in capacity and we are really excited about its potential.

New colors
One can never have enough color. After all, colors make the world around us even more beautiful and cheerful, which is why we like to expand our portfolio of color finishes. In addition to the options from our ColorShop, which are virtually unlimited, we have added several new colors in the standard price list and the configurator. They are some popular ColorShop pearl options – Pearl Opal Green metallic, Pearl Light Grey metallic and Pearl Night Blue, as well as a vivid high visibility color Neon Pink shiny, for those who love to be noticed. A unique option is the special Ruby Red Glitter that does not even have its own RAL number! Nevertheless, the most popular color of all AZUB options is still the Black Deep Matt, resembling stealth aircraft.

CORE level trikes
We are glad to see a lot of interest in our CORE level tricycles that come with a predetermined specification and faster delivery. That is why we are making a change for this year in terms of the color choice. All CORE level trikes can be ordered either in Black Deep Matt or a bright Neon Yellow shiny. We have also slightly changed the specifications. Ti-FLY 26 now has Shimano 3×9 and T-Tris 26 disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

AZUB Safety flag Premium
Our new safety flag is much larger, in a combination of bright green and white for maximum visibility during the day and reflective details, including a free-hanging fluttering reflective strip. What is more, we have improved the flag pole, it is now more durable and easier to handle.

In the price list, you will also find the popular Multi Mount for use on both the right and left side, as well as a spare battery in case you want to double your range. Note that this battery is not attached to the frame and you must carry it in a bag.

We hope you like the changes in our price list and that choosing your new bike will be all the more pleasant for you.

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