The very first AZUB FAT trike that goes to the US. And to make it even more special, we have equipped it with Pinion P.18 gearbox. This virtually maintenance free transmission offers 18 evenly graded gears and an amazing gear range of 636%. That sounds good, but what exactly does it mean for a fat trike rider? In contrast with traditional gearing systems, neither extreme climate , snow and water nor sand or stone impact are an issue any more. And climbing really steep hills is much easier with the extra low gears that are beyond technical limits of common gear hubs. It is a true piece of art both from the point of look and function. Smart design, hand made in Germany, comes with 5 year warranty. Available as an option for each of the AZUB recumbent bike and trike models except of the TWIN. Wanna test ride an AZUB FAT trike? Wanna try Pinion? Both is possible at Angletech, Colorado Springs.


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